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Paul is a certified Rider Biomechanics Coach under Mary Wanless's Ride With Your Mind method.

Learn the "How" behind effective riding.


Improve your stability & security on your horse.


Get “plugged in” to communicate more clearly and improve your horse’s balance, carriage and movement.


Improve your USDF rider collective marks and new rider test scores.

Paul Boland


Experienced Biomechanics Riding Coach


Teaching approach:

Paul Boland

  • Benefits both novice and experienced riders in all disciplines.
  • Teaches the “how” of effective riding, not just telling you “what” to make your horse do.
  • Interactive coaching method with continuous communication between coach and rider.
  • Based upon the rider biomechanics method, which teaches the rider to more effectively align, stabilize and control their body to positively influence the horse.


About the instructor:

  • Has been following the RWYM method in his own riding and coaching for the last 14 years. He received his Rider Biomechanics Coach certification from Mary Wanless in April of 2015.
  • Attends annual instructor training with Mary Wanless: world-recognized expert in the rider biomechanics field, developer of the Ride With Your Mind method.
  • References from current students available upon request.


Contact Paul for 2-3 day clinics and rates.

Lessons available in the greater Louisville/S. Indiana area

* plus mileage for off farm lessons

** plus mileage and expenses




"I have had the pleasure of coaching Paul Boland since 2007 and have always been impressed by his sincere desire to learn and grow as a rider and teacher. Paul is completely committed to enhancing his own education in order to be able to offer the best quality riding and teaching to his clients, both horses and humans. He works harder than most people maintaining a full-time job, his farm, and his lesson and training business, and yet, he still finds time to take lessons and participate or audit nearly every clinic we host at my Dancing Horse Farm, despite the 2+ hour drive from Louisville, KY, to Lebanon, OH. Paul's riding has improved tremendously over the years and I feel that he has a lot to offer any rider who desires to improve their communication with their horses through the use of correct biomechanics. If you are looking for a dedicated professional to help you along your riding journey, you will find what you are looking for in Paul Boland and his Journey Farm."


Jennifer Truett
President, Dancing Horse Farm: www.mydhf.com
Accredited Mary Wanless Ride With Your Mind Coach-Level 2 Affiliated Coach (one of only four RWYM coaches on the N. American continent)
USDF "L" Graduate "with distinction"
USDF Region 2 PM Delegate



"I thoroughly enjoyed participating in a two day clinic with Paul.  In just a short period of time he allowed my horse and I to progress past a hurdle we had been struggling with for months. The difference in my riding since has been significant after this break through, and I look forward to riding with Paul in the future."

Pam, March 2017

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"It's human nature to turn to famous, talented riders when seeking the key to great riding. Yet, the best riding coaches are those who have meticulously explored the territory and mapped it. Paul Boland is one of these people. He is able to communicate the 'How' of riding."


Lisa May, Level 2 RWYM Coach

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"My comment is: Paul ROCKS!!!!  'nuff said : )"


Jaime Corum, Louisville Equine Artist



"I have ridden under Paul's instruction for 2 years, starting our third. My riding has improved 100% ~ equally important, Paul has helped me manage fear issues that have always been a problem in reaching my riding goals. Paul is highly skilled and approaches his coaching with a balanced approach to both horse and rider, which in my experience, has been refreshing, rewarding and the difference in moving forward. Paul is highly experienced in biomechanical riding techniques and has a unique and focused way to translate that knowledge to his rider. Paul has a keen eye for assessing a riders current behaviors/patterns and offers options to improve horse and rider connection and balance. I would highly recommend working with Paul to advance your riding skills and train your horse to fully engage. Best of luck in your journey. "
Cindy Kraus, Jan 25, 2015



"I was so excited to bring Paul in for a rider biomechanics clinic at my lesson barn, and I was very impressed! His communication to both children and adult riders was brilliant. I definitely look forward to Paul's return, and so do my clients!"

Stacy Sturm Denton, Blue Moon Stables, March 2017


"Paul gave a wonderful clinic at Blue Moon Stables, his attention to detail and pinpointing riders strengths and weaknesses is truly a gift! A very positive coach that motivates riders to want to truly succeed! I can't wait for the next session!"

Corolyn, March 2017

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The Ride With Your Mind (RWYM) Method

The RWYM coaching method (Developed by Mary Wanless) aims to elicit your thoughts, perceptions, values, goals. We want to know what you are thinking and feeling; we hope to learn your mental & physical presuppositions; we aim for a three-way conversation between horse, rider and coach; we expect you to feel very odd and have lots of questions; we will guide your body placement and alignment and in other ways attempt to simulate the kinesthetic experiences that we hope to convey; we appreciate how challenging the work is; we accept that resting and perfect practice is better than mindless obedience while out of breath, confused and in pain (that goes for both you and the horse); we hope to be encouraging and need to know if you are discouraged; we want your help to coach us in how best to coach you. 

- Lisa May, Accredited RWYM Coach 


Mary Wanless Website: http://www.mary-wanless.com

Lisa May Website: http://www.idylwildfarm.com/About_Us.html

A Typical Ride With Your Mind Lesson

* You'll be asked many more questions than usual. We encourage and value your feedback. We aim to include you and your horse in the learning process, increase the effectiveness of your body and improve your horse's athleticism. We’ll work hard, have fun and coach you to reproduce the changes independently!



We start with your goals and recent efforts. While you warm up the coach considers what you've said, what cause and effect patterns there are between you and your horse, what bite-sized chunks and steps might be helpful and how to tackle the learning process. We take into account present needs and expressed goals.



When we are breaking new ground together we'll often start by molding your body at the halt: new positioning, new muscle use or coordination, and clarification of horse-rider interface. We'll find trigger words that help you track the new feelings. We point out the horse's feedback and help you find ways to amplify the old and new feelings to improve differentiation. We may ask multiple-choice questions or use other exercises to help you monitor the change yourself. When progress is consolidated we work with you to decide the next level of challenge - extending the pattern, moving into another gait, etc.



Together, we explore your learning style (auditory, visual, kinesthetic) aiming to communicate in your primary mode. We help you identify verbal cues, images, metaphors that describe the feelings for which you are striving. Your own choice of trigger words will be used so that your mind can more easily translate thought to body control. If you have difficulty you or the coach will stop and compare perceptions. She'll find creative ways to proceed - taking variable strategies to reach your aims. She'll explain why and how change is useful in the big picture. She'll address your worries; untangle misunderstandings about mechanics and the horse. We aim to gain your trust and commitment for the teamwork of combining brainpower to carry you and your horse beyond current limitations. Together, at the end of the lesson we'll summarize the changes you and your horse have made and pick homework targets.


*Extracted from "Learn with your Mind" by Mary Wanless